The Main Things You Should Know About Degaussing A Hard Drive

Destroying data has always been a necessary and sometimes legal requirement of many industries. Proper destruction of sensitive data safeguards the security of an organization and its clients. Due to the advancements in data storage technology, new ways of destroying digital data have been invented. Degaussing is one of those ways in which you can erase data on a hard drive. If you are considering this option, here are the main things you need to know.

First, you need to understand what degaussing means. It is a way of destroying electronic data stored in common computer hardware. A degausser is a machine that is especially designed to do the actual data degaussing. Data is usually stored on a hard drive in a magnetic pattern. A drive degausser creates a strong magnetic field that disrupts that pattern and thereby destroys the information. Once a hard drive has been degaussed, none of its data will be readable anymore.

For the best results during degaussing, you need to learn what type of media you are dealing with. Different hard drives have different coercivity levels, which affect their ability to be degaussed. Hard drives with higher coercivity can only be successfully erased with a degausser with corresponding power. This is to say that you have to be careful when purchasing a degaussing machine.
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There are other features that also differentiate degaussing machines to as to serve different types of needs. Most require electricity to operate while others do not. Others are also designed to handle large volumes of hard drives while others for fewer hard drives. Portable degaussing machines come in very handy when a company has offices in different locations. There are even government approved degaussers that are recommended due to their effectiveness.
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Destroying data with a degausser is very simple once you have the machine. The process normally involves passing through all the hard drives on the plugged in drive degausser.. Not only does the process erase the data, it also destroys the drive. When you use a drive degausser, be ready to lose both the data and the hard drive itself. If you are wondering what to do with a degaussed hard drive, you can sell it to recyclers who retrieve useful parts.

If your type of business requires you to regularly destroy a lot of data, buying a degausser is a good option. There are also companies that offer professional degaussing services for businesses that do not want to buy their own machines. Such services are always flexible, meaning the professionals can come to you or you can take the drives to them. Such companies will handle any volume of hard drives and they will also sell the shells on your behalf.